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Discover Classic Swedish Delights at Elf & Shelf.

Elf & Shelf is your premier destination for authentic Swedish food in Singapore, blending timeless classics with modern convenience. Enjoy a slice of Sweden on your table in Singapore!

What We Offer at Elf & Shelf:

  • Healthy Breakfast Singapore: Kickstart your day with our Healthy Breakfast Singapore options. Quick Breakfast Ideas include a variety of Cheese Spread with real ingredients such as shrimp and bacon for your morning sandwiches, and a no-sugar Waffle Mix Singapore that is perfect for those watching their sugar intake.
  • Picnic Food Singapore: Our Instant Food selections offer a perfect blend of heritage and convenience. Try our KEX Chocolate wafers or Ekströms Crème Brulee Singapore for a quick and delicious dessert. 
  • Rich Soup Stocks: Enhance your Healthy Swedish Food recipes incorporating high quality organic Soup Stock vegetables. These stocks enrich your culinary creations with a touch of authentic Swedish flavours and we offer organic beef & lobster varieties too.
  • Traditional Swedish Food Staples such as Pickled Cucumber, Lingonberry Jam Singapore and Raspberry & Blueberry Jam (“Queen’s Jam”) are found in most Swedish households. These are now delivered from Elf & Shelf right to your doorstep in Singapore!

Mrs Elf 's Recipes

New to our products? See some of Mrs Elf’s recipes for quick and creative ideas, that are perfect for busy days or last minute parties!

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