One of Sweden’s best loved brands and a mighty representative of Swedish food heritage, ORKLA is committed to driving the development of a sustainable food industry. Try some of the most popular food products from Orkla right here at Elf & Shelf!

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Discover Authentic Nordic Flavours with Orkla in Singapore

Orkla, a cherished Swedish brand, brings a diverse range of high-quality food products to Singapore through Elf & Shelf. Delight in the exquisite Crème Brûlée, an ideal dessert for any occasion. Explore the distinctive taste of Lingonberry jam, perfect for enhancing a variety of dishes. Breakfast enthusiasts will love the Waffle Mix, ensuring a delightful start to the day. Additionally, Orkla's Pickled Cucumbers offer a tangy crunch, and their Blueberry Jam provides a sweet complement to your favourite treats. Embrace the rich Swedish culinary heritage with these delicious options and more.

Indulge in Nordic Flavours with Orkla

Experience the essence of Nordic cuisine in Singapore. Savour the sweet perfection of our Crème Brûlée, a dessert favourite, or enjoy the tart vibrancy of Lingonberry jam, perfect for enhancing any dish. Our Waffle Mix offers a quick, delicious treat that captures the cosy warmth of Scandinavian mornings.

Orkla's pickled cucumbers, bringing a hint of Nordic forests to your table, add a crisp, tangy twist to your meals, perfectly complementing the sweet, rich flavours of our Blueberry Jam. We carefully curate these selections to deliver authentic European tastes straight to your doorstep.

We are dedicated to enhancing your culinary experience with high-quality ingredients and simple, genuine flavours that inspire and delight. Every bite tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship.

Explore the richness of Nordic cuisine with us, where every product promises a journey of delightful tastes and unforgettable culinary adventures.