Kavli – The original SQUEEZY cheese!

Perfect for super easy breakfasts, picnics and last minute parties. Enjoy our range of Kavli products!

Are you curious about the packaging? Our Kavli cheese range are packaged in recyclable aluminum tubes, while the Amerikansk dressings come in recyclable plastic tubes. Tubes stay fresh longer as air entry and hence bacteria exposure is minimized. They are also highly portable and mess-free!

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Everytime you purchase a Kavli product, you enable the Kavli Trust to help in areas of child and adolescent mental health, climate and environment.

Experience the Finest Cheese Selection at Kavli

Kavli's Lactose-Free Cheese is rich and soft, and it's great for people who have to watch what they eat. We only utilise the best products to create our cheese, so you can be sure it will taste fantastic.

Explore our cheese spread in Singapore.

Elf & Shelf sets itself apart from other cheese shops in Singapore by offering a diverse range of Kavli cheese spreads in portable, squeezable tubes. Enjoy cheddar cheese, brie cheese, and even lactose-free cheese in a Soft Cheese texture. Check out Mrs Elf’s recipes page for creative ideas such as beautiful open toasts and Nachos With Cheese.

Enhance Your Meals with Kavli

Kavli offers more than just traditional cheese spreads; our range includes real protein-packed varieties with delicious additions like ham, shrimp, crayfish, and even bacon!